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Welcome to Hinano 'Ukulele, maker of the first Hawaiian / Tahitian HI-Bred 'ukulele. Our HI-Breds have the
full tones of Hawaiian ‘ukulele tuning, combined with the higher octaves (Ai’a tuning)  of the Tahitian banjo
Thank you for sharing your time with us by visiting our website. The ‘Ukulele is a simple, wonderfully
challenging instrument and a great travel companion.

Please consider a Hinano ‘Ukulele in your life’s journey.
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The name "Hinano" translates the same in both the Hawaiian and Tahitian languages- "the flower of the
pandanus tree", which adorns island beaches throughout the pacific. Pandanus is a lasting component that
made a house a home in Polynesia and the 'ukulele is equally treasured today, both symbolize the
similarities of our kindred cultures. Hinano 'Ukulele further conveys this relationship through its Hawaiian
'ukulele, Tahitian banjo 'ukulele, and the HI-Bred 'ukulele that has blossomed in between the two
traditional instruments.
Hinano 'Ukulele Company's goal is to make a high
quality, diverse product line for 'ukulele enthusiasts
seeking  unique 'ukuleles.  Our entire line of 'ukuleles
are handcrafted from classic tone woods traditionally
used by the masters of building accoustic guitars in
These classic woods, the re-introduced floating bridge, plus the use of superior components have both
improved durability and created a brighter tone which are the hallmarks of our instruments heirloom
A hui hou & Fa'aitoito - Hinano "Ukulele Company
Tiare” 8 String Tahitian “Banjo” ‘Ukulele Tailpiece
Hawaiian 4 String ‘Ukulele Tailpiece and Floating Bridge
Tiare Inlay
Abalone Inlay